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Succession Strategies

Why Choose Us?

  1. We have succession planning strategies and resources to address problems that you haven't yet encountered as well as those that you have.   This is your future - don't wing it.
  2. Succession planning is often difficult to start and even more difficult to finish.  Our approach is designed to make the process a rewarding one for you.  If you wish, we can introduce a personal transition advisor at the very beginning of the succession planning process to assist you in successfully answering, "What am I going to do with my life after I leave my business or professional practice?" The sooner you come to grips with "What do I want to do next?" "How do I want to live?" "What is really important to me?" the more control you will have over the next stage of your life.
  3. We want you to keep your existing advisors, not replace them.
  4. We create succession plans that work for both the current business/professional practice owner and the future owner.
  5. We don't rely on estate planning strategies.  Many other advisors design succession plans around estate planning strategies (including Grantor Retained Annuity Trusts, sales to defective trusts, and other gifting techniques).  That is fine if you are going to die immediately. Owners today can be expected to live 20 - 40 years after selling their business or professional practice and need a plan that will fully fund those post-sale years.  Our process is to work with you and your advisors to design a financially viable plan for the rest of your life (up to and beyond age 100).
  6. In many cases, the goal is to transfer the business/professional practice to a key employee or younger family member.  In our experience, most key employees and younger family members have little equity and limited access to credit, We have developed succession planning strategies that allow a buyer to purchase a business or professional practice with little or no equity while maximizing the value to the seller.
  7. Regardless of the succession planning strategy, our principals have extensive experience with sales to third parties, sales to public companies, sales to key employees and transfers to younger family members.

                Contact us for a free initial succession planning consultation to discuss how we can help make the rest of your life the best part of your life.